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Duration: Feb 2020 - May 2020

Purpose: This project was conducted at the UAV Lab, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Skills: Image processing, computer vision, machine learning, control systems


This project attempts to create a simple low cost obstacle avoidance system for avoiding large obstacles such as buildings or trees.


For this project, we had groups of interns working under our guidance to try different parallel approaches. One group worked on Machine Learning with a monocular camera to obtain a continuous depth estimation. Another group used monocular cameras to detect key-point sizes using SURF and ORB algorithms. A third group used stereo cameras to generate an estimated depth map. We tested using lasers and and ultrasonic sensors for passive obstacle detection.

Each of these provided limited results, with obstacle avoidance achieved at a maximum speed of 1 m/s when the object was 2m away.

Unfortunately, this project was cut short by the pandemic before we were able to get any concrete results.

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abhinav kumar
abhinav kumar

hello aadarsh i wanted to have a small conversation with you , i know you are busy but i have mailed you on your email id and as well as sent a message on the linkedien if you could please check it it would be helpful i am currently in Masters program in robotics in northeastern thank you for your time

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