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PhD Student, Robotics

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Gallery of robots I have worked on from my current and past affiliations

Unlocking Agile Locomotion
in Difficult Terrain

Blending high level decision making with low level control

When you want a robot that can effortlessly navigate another planet, a remote forest, a collapsed building and everyday urban chaos, that robot has to be very very smart. 

Or does it?

By mastering agile locomotion, the need for perfect scene understanding significantly reduces. It gives the robot more options for how to deal with unpredictable situations and increases the chance of success for mission objectives. Seamlessly blending versatile robot morphology and optimal low level control with high level decision making, robots can do more and operate in environments as yet unconquered by robot-kind. 

This is where I come in.

I have a background in Electrical Engineering, a Masters degree in Robotics and am working towards a PhD in a lab that builds multi-modal morphing robots. I have hands-on experience working on both hardware and software aspects of a wide variety of robots: from the traditional manipulator arms, wheeled UGVs, multi-rotor UAVs, AUVs and legged robots to the less traditional bio-inspired flapping wing and snake robots and multi-modal wheeled-flying and legged-flying robots.

I combine my diverse background with proficiencies in dynamic modelling, optimal control, sensing and perception to help build the robots of tomorrow: Agile, versatile and capable of traversing where no robot has traversed before.

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